Incompatibility on Microsoft Edge 44

The tool is completely broken on Microsoft Edge version 44.18362.449.0. The Iframe stays empty after calling setSource method. However seems to be solved when updating to the newest chromium based Edge.

Hi josnoc, thanks for the heads up. Just for my own understanding of your current issue – are you needing to support pre-Chromium Edge? (We’ll of course want to fix this either way, but wanting to understand if it is an active user base you are trying to target).

Yes it is an active user base we are working with, we need to target pre-crhomium edge.

This is the proof that updating to the newest chromium-based Edge fixes the issue

Could you by chance check if anything is reported in the console?

I am discovering that it is actually not trivial to downgrade Microsoft Edge to try this myself, so I’ll probably have to fish out an old Windows laptop and disable automatic update or something.

Sure thing, actually, I already checked, and nothing was logged, but I can do it again, by the way, the way I downgrade Edge is uninstalling it, which leaves edge 44 by default

This is the log.