Decode Data from loraserver

Hi Everyone,

I’m a newbie to loraserver and i’m sending “hello” as a message from my node. At the loraserver, live frame logs, the phypayload is displayed as “Bxh5yd0=” for one time and it changes on the next packet reception from the same node.

Could anyone tell me why this is happening and what are the keys we need to use to decode the data.

I’m using IBM LMIC framework to send the data via ABP to loraserver and the NWSKEY & APPSKEY is mentioned below,

NWSKEY: 27306b7841885a02c8c74d035d3c38db
APPSKEY: a80bc8bd06a211c6c9ec53c897ac021d

Kindly help me to decode the data.

Thanks in Advance!