@kingjs/poset.decode suck on v1.0.8

I expected @kingjs/poset.decode v1.0.10 to be available as the default version at https://npm.runkit.com/@kingjs/poset.decode but actually only v1.0.8 comes up as the default. That other version was submitted about 8hr ago. How long for the queues to drain?

How about a feature whereby authors could click a “refresh” button to prioritize processing of newly pushed npm modules so they might be tested on RunKit.

Hey there!

Sorry about that. Long story short, sometimes specific packages just get stuck in our queue. When that happens we have to reprocess them.

We’d love to make a nice dashboard to give package maintainers more transparency on what’s happening with our queue… it’s on the roadmap! :slight_smile:

Anyway, we’ve reprocessed your package and it is now available! Sorry about that!
– Randy