Won't load dependencies


I have been playing around a bit with Runkit but none of my codes worked as dependencies don’t load. In particular, I am trying to use ‘ethereumjs-tx’ but the console cannot find the keccak module that is a second-level dependency.

Is this a bug or do I need to specify it somehow?

Runkit automatically installs modules that are within require functions in the code. Therefore, to install the keccak module, put require('keccak') at the top of the code before where you import ethereumjs-tx.

RunKit is able to follow the sub dependencies for your top level module.

In this instance the keccak package is a binary package (i.e. it uses an install script to natively compile the module on install). We’re actively working on a way to safely install binary packages, but until then, binary packages are unsupported.

- Randy