A couple small iPhone text field fixes needed

I’m attempting to use RunKit’s fantastic model to do more “coding from the beach” / away from the laptop.

A couple of fixes to iPhone text field behavior would be greatly appreciated:

  • Allow “Select All” in a field - currently is wonky, can’t Copy
  • It’s very hard to select particular text in the field, especially across lines - there seems to be logic happening that acts against the mobile browser
  • Use default capitalization behavior - right now when I press Shift to upcase a letter, the keyboard stays in all caps mode

Also: ‘archive notebook’ is precariously close to ‘download notebook’ (which I do to save to a github client). Could ‘archive’ be put safely in its own section?

Thanks friends!

Unfortunately most these issues I think are CodeMirror issues (which is what we use for the code editor). I’ll take a look though, I also find a lot of these annoying.

We can definitely find a better place for archive.

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