Add the ability to run getters in the object views

For example, when a syntax error occurs, this is output:

However, I can’t view the error stack because it’s got a getter. It would be great to be able to click a button to run the getter and view the result.

Unfortunately, right now the only way to do this is to wrap the code in a try/catch and then inspect the exception yourself. But we’re actively working on exposing stack traces for exceptions and hope to have that ready soon.

I tried that, but the catch didn’t catch the exception.

We usually catch syntax errors before we evaluate your code. Would you mind sharing how you’re avoiding the syntax error at compile time but also unable to catch the error?

class SomeClass {
    async f() {}

Sorry about the delay…
This appears to be an issue on our end. It looks like (when using the class syntax), we’re not doing the proper transform for async methods.

Hi j-f,

This should now be fixed.


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