Dependency of package not found

Some dependencies of the package are not found.

For example, I created a test RunKit document which requires package web3 (version 1.0.0-beta.41). It is available here.

It doesn’t work because “Error: Cannot find module ‘websocket’”. Package web3 works normally on classic Node.js.

I’ve made this comment on your other thread, but I wanted to close the loop here in case it might help people in the future.

Your package depends on web3 which depends on big-number.js. But big-number.js is a git dependency, and (at least the version it uses) is not published on npm.

RunKit does not currently support git dependencies. This is something we’d like to support in the future.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Do you know when will git dependencies be supported? Because it is currently impossible to use any package that uses them on RunKit. What are the alternatives for this without changing the package itself?