Endpoints and Data


I can use RunKit as the back end for a serverless web application, but do I have any options for a data source?

Can I have user signups using RunKit + GH pages for example.


I guess Firebase or AWS, but I wonder if I can do this in a way that isn’t public in the notebook bc I want my api secrets secret


Hi there! You’re correct, you should not put your secrets/keys in your notebook. All notebooks are public! We allow you to set environment variables here which you can access in your code with process.env in your code. I should also add that we suggest you not log your environment variables, for obvious reasons.

Also, I should point out there is currently a bug, newly created environment variables are only picked up by new notebooks. So you’ll want to move your existing code to a new notebook. Sorry about that!

Using a beta package (evernote 2.0.1-beta1)

Wow thanks! You’re awesome! So yes, I can go serverless without having to go static/dataless :slight_smile: