Endpoints timing out

Anything up with endpoint functionality? Unable to access endpoints since around 8pm ET last night, get timeouts.

Hi there,

We did see an uptick in endpoint timeouts around that time last night. I’m not sure what caused it yet. If you’re still seeing it, could you share your endpoint URL with us?

We’re actively working to make our infrastructure more robust, but in the meantime we’ll keep an eye out for any more spikes in timeouts!

Sorry about the inconvenience!

- Randy

Still showing down:

Getting the response from the URL:
“error”: “timeout”,
“message”: “The server did not return a response quickly enough.”

Thank you, that is helpful.

Your endpoint is timing out because of this line in your notebook: app.use(bodyParser.json);.

body.json is a function needs to be called to return the middleware. Without doing that the request is waiting to be handled by the body.json function even though the function take options, not requests. So since the request is never handled it eventually times out.

If you replace that line with: app.use(bodyParser.json()); then your endpoint will no longer time out. Note the function optionally takes a set of options which you might want to use, but that’s up to you!

- Randy