Format JSON in more readable way

When I try to output JSON result using JSON.stringify I get result below. There is escape double quote tags and some text minimized and not visible.


Is it possible to output JSON like this in more user friendly way?


The easiest way to do this is to just do JSON.parse(that_string). Alternatively, have the request library treat the contents as JSON if you are expecting JSON. For example, I believe you are getting that result from reading the raw response, where you could alternatively be getting the JSON value instead:

Instead of:

const got = require("got");


const got = require("got");
(await'', { json: true })).body;

Now the object will show up the way you want it to.

– Why can’t we just show your JSON the right way? Because RunKit, just like your REPL or console.log has no way to differentiate between a string and a “JSON string”. In the same way that it has no way of knowing that “**hello**” is markdown. Its just a string. We would have to try to parse every string as JSON, and if it succeeds, then show it as such – which still wouldn’t be correct all the time, since “5” is a valid JSON string but it would be confusing to show that as the NUMBER 5 and not the string “5”.