Runkit Endpoint Error

Hi. I was using Runkit and I published my code to use Runkit Endpoint. The code URL is RunKit
But whenever I try to see my code in Endpoints by clicking the “endpoint” button, a new window pops up saying {
“error”: “subdomains_not_supported”,
“message”: “Subdomains not supported.”
And also it says that the HTTPS certificate is invalid(no wildcard cert). I think Runkit(+Endpoint) is a good feature but doesn’t work for me. Below is the screenshot

I’ve also tried to open it in Incognito mode, but still got the exact same results.
Please check runkit endpoint. Also if you need to contact me, please don’t hesitate to message 779 261 6573 in the U.S. Thank you. Sincerely, sh9351

Hi, this is a bug in our forwarding code. We should have it fixed in about a week or so. However, until then, you should be able to work around it yourself by going changing “.gov” to “-gov” in the URL in the screenshot. Sorry for the inconvenience!