Supporting RunKit

How can we help support this miraculous project?

Maybe start a patreon so we can bear some of the hosting costs?

Are there any projects the founders hope to be linked to, as a potential partner / acquisition / revenue source?

Hi galtenberg,

We were actually recently acquired by Stripe so you don’t have to worry about us going away any time soon :slight_smile:

So the best way to help RunKit is by getting the word out! We are always looking for more places to integrate RunKit, people to help with education through blog posts, etc. and of course just making great stuff with it! Additionally, we’re always looking to hire so if that’s something that interests you or you know someone that might be a good fit, make sure to head on over to



Wow, I even remember the rename announcement, but totally did not remember about Stripe. How wonderful - am a big fan of Patrick, and all of you.

Phew, so I can feel comfortable building lots on top of this framework :slight_smile: