Where are our account settings?

Having returned to RunKit for the first time in a while (it was Tonic when I last visited!), I’m trying to update my username here to match my username on other services. However, there doesn’t seem to be any way to do this! Now, it’s not uncommon for username changes to be unsupported, although it’s frustrating.

RunKit, however, doesn’t have anywhere I can find that lets you change either username or password. Allowing the latter is absolutely necessary for any truly secure account, and is especially important when your account grants access to other services, such as tokens for GitHub and Twitter usage. So, um, how do you change passwords on RunKit?

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You can go to https://runkit.com/login/forgot to reset your password.

is this being worked on? It would be a massive improvement to have an account page, and a way to change your password without going through the ‘forgot’ route.


Yeah, the reset is definitely not the ideal solution. A better "Account"page is definitely on our TODO list.

I’d like to remove my account - how can I do this?

Any news on this? I would be interested on changing my username too