Does "report your package missing" work?

I recently published an NPM package. However, it does not appear (see: vs

A note says(emphasis mine):

If you’ve only just recently published this module, it may take a few minutes to appear here. However, if you think we are actually missing this package, please confirm below and we’ll do our best to fix it as soon as possible!

It has been a full day after publishing, and almost as much as after clicking “Report [my package name] missing”. After reloading file there is no indication that the button was ever clicked.

Is there a longer wait time than a few minutes, or is there something broken when it comes to the feedback button?

Hi there!

Apologies for the confusion. We don’t actively monitor every time a package is reported as missing, it’s used to collect aggregate data if there are popular packages that aren’t working for some reason.

As for your package, I took a closer look. The reason your package is not available on RunKit is because you have a postInstall script in your package.json. RunKit does not currently support arbitrary install scripts (including post install scripts). It’s probably also worth noting here that anyone who tries to npm install your package will get an error if they don’t have TypeScript (tsc) installed.

That said, it’s not completely obvious to me what the intent of that postInstall script is; the package distributed has already been compiled, so it seems unnecessary.

If you remove the post install script and publish a new version, it should show up.

- Randy

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Thank you for your help, @me1000!

It is my first time publishing to the NPM repository. (postinstall was for installation directly from GitHub sources, not a built version. Now I removed that, and the package started working with RunKit immediately!)

In general, I was looking for an “online Jupyter Notebook (like e.g. Google Colab) but for JavaScript” to create interactive tutorials.