Error Cloning a Repository to RunKit

Hi there,

I followed all the instructions of this page in an attempt to load a repository to RunKit:

But I got this error message:

Please help. Thanks.

Hi there,

This is not an issue with RunKit itself, the issue is with the notebook you’re cloning and in general you should reach out to the author of the notebook for support.

That said, the issue is right there in the error: “Could not find master”. So whatever git repo you’re trying to clone using this notebook doesn’t have a branch named master.

- Randy

Thanks Randy. I very much appreciate the quick and helpful response. I’ll look into the repo further. I’m glad it’s not a Runkit issue.

Hi Randy,
Thanks to you, I fixed the issue. I was supposed to enter “main” instead of “master”.
But what is the next step? I’ve cloned the repository into Runkit.
But how do I run a javascript file within the repository itself on Runkit?
Are there any tutorials for that?