This notebook doesn’t run unless it’s cloned

Hello, Does anyone have any idea why this notebook won’t run when it’s opened unless you clone it first? The only part that seems to execute is the first code block that loads capcon. Thank you!

Hi there,

I want to start my clarifying one things. RunKit notebooks do not get evaluated every time they get loaded. When you load up a RunKit URL it will only show the outputs from the last evaluation. When you clone the notebook you are then able to evaluate it yourself.

It’s not clear to me that the notebook you linked to was actually evaluated completely before it was published and shared. If it was, then there is a bug somewhere. But it looks like just rerunning the notebook works fine when cloning. Without knowing more about how the notebook was created, it’s hard to check on my end.

- Randy

If you open the notebook you can’t manually run the code blocks either, unless you clone it. I am the owner/creator of the notebook under the dev-guy account and I can’t run the blocks either. This used to be an intermittent problem but it became permanent a few months ago. I will clone it and abandon the original.