RunKit notebook not saved, even though it was saved before?

I spent a few hours working on this notebook. I ran it several times, and until a few seconds ago, it had several cells with over 100 lines of code total, and gave it a title. I did not publish it, as I didn’t intend for it to be publicly locatable. At some point, it stopped running. When I click on the run button it said “saving” then “saved” in the corner, but it didn’t display any results. I reloaded the page, and to my surprise horror, the last hour-ish of work was gone, including setting the title. Undo didn’t restore anything. It was back to one code cell. After reloading again, nothing changed.

My questions:

  • Is this data gone, or can I recover it?
  • If it’s gone, how can I prevent this from happening in the future?
  • If it’s not gone, can I get it back myself if this happens in the future?
    • Otherwise, are you able to recover it?
    • Is it a good idea for me to have a backup of anything I put on RunKit?

Hi j-f,

I’d like to help with this. First off, the current state is still incorrect is that right? (I see that it has 60-some lines now so just wanted to confirm). I will attempt to retrieve the previous state if so.



Thanks for replying!

Yes, it is still in the incorrect state.

@francisco Any update?

Sorry for the delay on this, I will do my best to get you this by tomorrow. We store history in diffs so its a bit complicated to retrieve it, but I think its possible.