How can I reuse an archived notebook

Hi, I’m a newbie here and just start using runkit yesterday. I found that this web site is really great, I can test my script, and also publish in internet.

I started a new notebook but i cannot name it until I publish it, I have to publish all notebook just for naming, but it is still untitled.

After some testing, I hit the litter bin by mistake, and I lose all my work, it cannot be recovered by Ctrl-Z. I have tested again, it seems that there has no way to recover the content if litter bin is pressed. It seems that the only way to keep my working backup is to publish it, and it will keep a verion here, but it may waste the resource in the server. Maybe I should use other editor for editing, and only put the final version here. I have to copy the script here for testing.

When I decided what I should do, I try to restart my project, but I cannot find any way to delete my notebook, and only the archive can remove it from my notebooks. But unfounately, I cannot use my project name in my notebook any more.

So I’d like to know,

  1. How can I reuse the name of an archived notebook? Any way to delete a notebook?
  2. How can I give the title to a notebook? Don’t wana to see untitled all the time.
  3. How to keep a working copy which can be restored even pressing the litter bin? Is it possible to add a confirmation box for the litter bin?

Besides, I found that the list of notebooks will occupy as many rows as the script even only the first 11 rows were displayed, there has a very large empty area after the preview. Is it possible to show the list without preview?

Thanks a lot.

P.S. Before I submit this post, it show me that there already have a topic on reuse name of deleted notebook.

It seems that there the system intends to keep the old name for immutability. But will it be waste of resource if it keep all dummy notebook which will not be used by anybody. For example, the testing notebook I created yesterday, I won’t use it, and I don;t think anybody else will use it. So, would it be better to have some option to completely remove those orphan in the server?

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