Runkit.createNotebook method is showing duplicate RunKit instances

        <div id="myEl"></div>
            var notebook = RunKit.createNotebook({
                //parent element for the new notebook
                element: $('myEl'),
                source: "var spawn = require('threads').spawn; \n "

            //run the code to pull in the data

This shows me 2 notebooks…I tried document.getElementById(‘myEl’) and the same thing happened, which I didn’t think would make a difference since the original one I used is just shorthand for calling that method in jQuery

I am using this instead of the data-element-id version because I need to basically run the code without anyone hitting a button and am calling notebook.evaluate(), but this doesn’t seem to trigger either.

If I use the data-element-id version it correctly only shows me 1 notebook. Since I cannot access node.js behind a proxy, this is the only way I can get this working, but this seems to not be working the way it should be based on what I read in the documentation.

I just copied and pasted your snippet while prepending the blank script tag.

<script src=""></script>

This only gave me one Embed. Do you have any more code you can share? A simple reduction page would be very helpful for trying to resolve this!