Feature Request: "App Mode"

I’d like to have the output window optimized for mobile screens with an optional “save to home screen” support. I could imagine a lot of use cases where a little scriptlet turned app.


I think that’s a pretty good idea, thanks for submitting it.

Even just a mobile stylesheet, or a stylesheet that is smart about widths based on current viewport… and just to not pad any more than is necessary on mobile - the browser will take care of the rest.

Hi galtenberg,

We do do a basic mobile stylesheet (although we are well aware that there is a LOT of room for improvement), it basically just sets up touch events, etc. and I’ve used RunKit on mobile a fair amount (most my gripes come from some issues with the editor itself). We’d love to know some specifics of what you’d like out of the mobile version (aside from saving to home screen which is certainly a great idea), so we can start putting together a list of features to implement.



I’d love to just have a phone view with no whitespace on the sides and smaller width text boxes, so that the viewport can be zoomed to a level where the font size is nice. I’d be happy with just that. (So that portrait view is as nice/useful as landscape.)

On iPhone, saving a link to home screen is already easy/good enough for me.

Any progress on this?

At the moment what I see on my mobile is like the attachment.

Text is too small and a lot of margins are around the main input.