Feature request: rich text editing in the text blocks

I know that it may be hard to do this easily, but perhaps allow for markdown?

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We’d really like to use this: https://facebook.github.io/draft-js/. The problem with markdown is that its not clear when the “switch” would happen between rendered and unrendered. I think having the text change dramatically on click (to markdown mode) is less than ideal, and then having to click away to see it correctly. I’d like something like medium’s editor which has a few style controls that aren’t in your way (and I think it can be relatively straightforwardly built with draftjs).


Came looking specifically for this feature. I think it’s a must in order to support articles written directly as runkit playgrounds.

@francisco why not use markdown, switching from rendered text to source when the user tries to edit, and back to rendered when it’s “run”? Jupyter notebooks take this approach, and works just fine.

A tabbed approach is common in a few developer tools like github and jira