How to access webcam

Hi there,

I am looking to play with processing webcam data using Node. How would I go about accessing data from my computer’s webcam and process it in runkit? It seems I would need an HTML front end to capture the webcam feed and somehow send that into the runkit environment? Any direction here would be much appreciated.

Thank you

Hi @intensetree,

You are correct in that you fundamentally need two components for this: a server component that actually runs the node code, and a client component that accesses the webcam.

You can certainly write the server component in RunKit using Endpoints (, and you can implement the client component using any technology you’d like, including either a RunKit notebook that displays HTML in an output, or even the same endpoint that has an HTML route.

Here is a small proof of concept (it does not use the webcam or websockets as I am optimizing for showing you how to handle the server/client split in RunKit, vs. filling it up with a bunch of webcam implementation details):

Try It: