How to embed RunKit inside my Gitbook?

Perhaps I’m not understanding correctly- I’m under the impression that I can embed RunKit live snippets inside my Gitbook- right into the markdown? If that’s not the case- I’m not understanding how to do so- nor do I see any documentation on how to do this anywhere on the web for that matter. I’m sorry but I’ve been looking everywhere for just a plain and simple- ‘here’s how to embed a RunKit snippet into Gitbook.’

Hi david,

I think the gitbook integration was written by the GitBook folks. I can ping them to see how its done, but I think it may require a plugin?



I think this may be what you are looking for:

Hey Francisco, thanks for the reply. This sort of think is exactly what I’m
looking for but you say Tonic, but that isn’t RunKit right?

Hey tonic is the RunKit editor, my bad. Thanks Francisco.


RunKit is the new name for Tonic:

Just some people haven’t changed the name of their packages.

Awesome- thank you! :cold_sweat:

In case anyone still has this question, with the new version of GitBook, you can just copy-and-paste a Runkit link into GitBook and it will automatically expand into an embed. Hope this helps!

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