How would one go to request support for a native module?

What are the steps to request the addition of a native module?

I’m the author of node-libcurl and I am trying to use it, but right now, it’s reporting as missing module.

Error: Cannot find module '/app/available_modules/1471983515000/node-libcurl/lib/binding/node_libcurl.node'

Hi, we’ve noted this and will add it momentarily. Will ping as soon as it’s ready.



Sorry for the delay on this, but its a bit more difficult for us to add this one since it doesn’t just solely use the standard gyp stuff. Wanted to give you an update on why it isn’t there yet, but we are working on it.

No problem, and thank you for the update! Let me know if I can do anything to make it easier.

Currently the module has prebuilt binaries which are bundled via node-pre-gyp and hosted as github release files (, they have openssl and libcurl static linked inside the module so those are not required to be present. It’s possible to build the module directly and skip getting the prebuilt binaries, for that just pass --build-from-source during npm install node-libcurl.

Keep in mind that to build from source the headers for libcurl are required, you can get those using the package manager from your distro, for debian for example, it’s called libcurl4-openssl-dev.