Typo in my require path?

I published a package dusa, and initially didn’t have it correctly set up to support common js modules, but after fixing that I’m still being told it doesn’t exist.

I’m suspicious it’s something set up incorrectly on my end — the error message says that “Sometimes this error is caused by a typo in your require path” — but I can’t find information about what such a typo might look like.

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At this point it’s pretty apparent that, sometime in the few weeks before I posted the above question in November 2023, new packages and package versions uploaded to NPM stopped being updated on RunKit. I don’t believe this project is being actively maintained anymore, though it would be delightful if that changed. Stripe owns RunKit, I believe, and it’s my pet theory that their mid-2023 layoffs got rid of anyone who knew how to maintain RunKit, or that anyone who is left is too scared for their job to do unrecognized service work maintaining a community project, or something. If someone has the social media mojo to shame Stripe about screwing over the javascript community it might make a difference… on the other hand, it might just make well-intentioned developers who are overworked and not paid for the value of their labor even sadder, so I dunno, if you give it a shot please be really nice to anyone who isn’t a billionaire.

I’ve posted this elsewhere on the forum, but for anyone who finds this thread, I’ve found that val.town, a project I don’t have any personal connection to, has been a reasonable replacement for the sorts of things I used to use RunKit for. Here’s an example of a little code snippet I would have used runkit to demonstrate in the past.

Thanks for shouting out Val Town! At least two people have found us through this comment. One of them created this discussion ticket in Val Town’s feature request form about replicating Runkit’s embed functionality in Val Town.

One of our most prolific community members made an OSS web component that does just that, using our API. Check it out: GitHub - pomdtr/val-town-playground

We’re in the process of embedding these embeds in our own docs. Hopefully others find it useful too for showing off npm packages and APIs

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