Could not fetch latest version from npm

It appears that Runkit is not retrieving the latest package version. As per npm, the current version is 1.0.43 but the Runkit imports 1.0.42 for the package Craftgate. @craftgate/craftgate - npm

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Same problem here. It has been almost a month since I’m waiting for update…

Are there any packages that runkit is updating? If it’s just fully not updating, that would explain why a new package doesn’t appear to be available for me.

Yep. Same issue. I published mergician v2 last night but RunKit refuses to load anything but v1 as of this morning. I tried forcing the version in the require statement as documented elsewhere, but it did not help.

What is the expected behavior when new packages are published? If there is a delay, it would be good to communicate that.

At this point, I think it’s pretty clear that, sometime in November 2023, new packages and package versions uploaded to NPM stopped being updated on RunKit. I don’t believe this project is being actively maintained anymore, though it would be delightful if that changed.

(For what it’s worth, I’ve found that, a project I don’t have any personal connection to, has been a reasonable replacement for the sorts of things I used to use RunKit for. Here’s an example of a little code snippet I would have used runkit to demonstrate in the past.)

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Thanks, @robsimmons. This is the first I’ve heard of It looks promising.

Unfortunately, for my use case (runnable code snippets for open source project documentation) it currently is not a viable replacement for RunKit because embedded code cannot be run. I have created a feature request in the Val Town repo’s discussion area. Hopefully there is enough interest to see the requested enhancements implemented.

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