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i try to create a runkit using but it is not using the latest published version… the runkit search gives me version 0.0.1 while i published v0.0.3 yesterday… does it have anything to do with only updating the PATCH version digit? do i need to update the minor version as well?

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Same problem here (
The library is on 1.1.51 while the RunKit example shows 1.1.39
Where does RunKit get its version from?


Hm… after several days version 0.0.3 started appearing… to actually use it, i had to copy my runkit code into a new runkit, the old one still had the old version…
When i updated my dependency to 0.1.0 (minor version update) the new version appeared much quicker than the patch level update before


Hi phueper,

The way RunKit notebooks work is that they are locked to the original version of the package they use. That way, if you return to a notebook a day later, running it wouldn’t accidentally get you a different package. In order to “reset” it and get the latest package, you can delete the reference to it, run, and then add it back in. This isn’t ideal we know, but we are working on better UI to make it more reasonable.

Sorry for the confusion!




Any progress on this, francisco? it is quite unintuitive…


Hi Dthowe,

Rita shows 0.1.391 since that is the latest version. I believe you intended 391 to be “in-between” 0.1.39 and 0.1.40, but the way semver works, it actually means 391 is LARGER than anything else *the same way that 0.1.51 is larger than 0.1.6). An easy fix would be to publish to 0.2.0.

Let me know if you need any other help!


Sorry, I think the version you intended to write was 1.1.39 (we are currently at 1.1.51) – can you update/clarify?


Currently, our NPM pages show the largest semver version. At some point version 1.1.391 was published, and that is larger than 1.1.51.


We’ve deleted the 1.1.391 from npm, however it still shows up in runkit. Is there some cache that can be cleared?


Yeah, currently there is no automatic process for removing versions of packages. I’ve gone ahead and removed v1.1.391 for you. Version 1.1.60 should now be showing up in our NPM page for Rita. Sorry about the confusion!

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I’ve updated a package to 1.0.1 but runkit shows version 0.0.0

Why doesn’t runkit show current version?
How can I fix this?



The package is now available!

– Randy


Thanks Randy, you’re awesome!