RunKit installs an obsolete version of an NPM package

My notebook starts out with require('puppeteer'). The latest version on NPM/Github is v1.4, but RunKit is only installing v0.13.0.

On the docs/forum, RunKit says that it will require the latest version of any package published to NPM. Clearly this is not the case. A brief search around reveals other people with similar issues over the past 2 years, though I haven’t seen any with this large of a disparity between package versions.

Is there a way to require a specific version of the package? Or trigger a refresh?

That version is so old that I am missing critical features for my notebook. Thanks in advance

Hi joestrouth1,

The problem with puppeteer is that outside of the package itself, it has a number of other (non-npm) dependencies. We’ll look into whether we can get everything else updated this weekend so that we can then support the latest npm package too. Sorry for the inconvenience!




No worries. Thanks for the prompt and informative response!


sorry can i ask a question from u about what exactly runkit is .i dont have any information about it.and i dont even know how to use it either.please help