How to update outdated npm package in RunKit

I am trying to use Realm (RunKit) with RunKit, but the npm package seems to be ancient (6 years old!!), and it is not compatible with node 18.

Is there any way to get it updated to the latest version?

(weirdly it seems to go to a newer version of the package, when you set the node version to an older version??)

Hi there, the most common reason for packages not being updated on RunKit is that they introduce build scripts. And that does indeed appear to be the case for Realm. Unfortunately RunKit does not support packages that contain build scripts for a variety of reasons including security and compatibility, so that means Realm will not work with RunKit at this time.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

- Randy

Hi, I am member of Realm’s maintainer team.

When you do npm install realm, no build script is executed but binaries are downloaded for the operating system you are on (Linux is supported). The build script (npm run build) is only used internally or if you want to build from source.

Said that, I would like to know what if there is anything we can do to support RunKit?

Hi Kenneth,

Sorry, I should have been more specific. Currently RunKit will skip processing any package that includes an install script (including pre and post install scripts).

Is there a way that your package could function without running the scripts? Unfortunately our current situation isn’t great for anyone because we don’t make the package available. Some packages are able to still work even without their install scripts being run. Our long term plan is to make those packages available, but just not run the install scripts.

- Randy


Thank you for the explanation.

The post-install script is used for analytics purposes only, and the package will work fine without it. I guess that npm install --ignore-scripts could do the trick.

  • Kenneth

Any news on this? Would it be possible to run it with --ignore-scripts?

Any news on this? Would it be possible to run it with --ignore-scripts?


Came here for the same reason.

The packages I found outdated are:

  • cheerio, extremely outdated
  • command-line-parser, this is only updated about 20 hours ago, and hope it is an easy fix.