New packages and versions not showing up


I haven’t found any new versions or packages published after about 14 18 days ago on RunKit (including in a newly created notebook). The npm registry was acting up around 19 days ago, maybe that’s the cause?


I’m having similar issues. I can’t get new modules to show up or existing ones to update. I feel like I’m just missing something obvious but no luck yet. One of my modules is 3 months out of date.

I contacted runkit support hoping to figure this out as well. Presumably, I’m just missing some needed trigger or configuration, but not sure.


Just a followup - yeah, it appears RunKit has stopped updating modules. I thought it was just my modules, but I think you’re right @larsgw that they stopped like 30 days ago.

I think I have found the pattern. These are out of date:

  • @angular/core
  • @angular/cli
  • @ionic/core
  • @ionic/studio-cli (not showing up at all since first version was 21 days ago)

These updated recently:

  • express
  • async

The pattern I have seen is any package underneath an organization (@angular/@ionic, etc) is not updating in RunKit. I have not found any package under an organization that was updated within the last 30 days reflected in RunKit (though I’ve only checked 20-30)

Really hoping to get a response from RunKit here.


Hey folks,

Sorry for the delay. We are aware of an issue with processing scoped packages (packages that begin with @/). Our team is working on it! We’ll let you know when we have updates!

Sorry about this inconvenience.
- Randy

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