New packages and versions not showing up

I haven’t found any new versions or packages published after about 14 18 days ago on RunKit (including in a newly created notebook). The npm registry was acting up around 19 days ago, maybe that’s the cause?

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I’m having similar issues. I can’t get new modules to show up or existing ones to update. I feel like I’m just missing something obvious but no luck yet. One of my modules is 3 months out of date.

I contacted runkit support hoping to figure this out as well. Presumably, I’m just missing some needed trigger or configuration, but not sure.

Just a followup - yeah, it appears RunKit has stopped updating modules. I thought it was just my modules, but I think you’re right @larsgw that they stopped like 30 days ago.

I think I have found the pattern. These are out of date:

  • @angular/core
  • @angular/cli
  • @ionic/core
  • @ionic/studio-cli (not showing up at all since first version was 21 days ago)

These updated recently:

  • express
  • async

The pattern I have seen is any package underneath an organization (@angular/@ionic, etc) is not updating in RunKit. I have not found any package under an organization that was updated within the last 30 days reflected in RunKit (though I’ve only checked 20-30)

Really hoping to get a response from RunKit here.

Hey folks,

Sorry for the delay. We are aware of an issue with processing scoped packages (packages that begin with @/). Our team is working on it! We’ll let you know when we have updates!

Sorry about this inconvenience.
- Randy



No update here?

No news on a fix, @rthomps7: last update was yesterday in this thread.

Thanks for the heads up @fatso83

I’ve just had to create none-scoped packages for some RunKit integrations for now, but it’s obviously not ideal. We’re now about 30-days into when I first reached out about this, so I’m hoping it’s actually being worked on. Good thing I didn’t wait for the fix and instead created new packages.

This issue is being tracked across a lot of threads, but I can provide some new context here.

RunKit uses npm’s public registry to download and process packages as they are published. Prior to this downtime, npm had a two ways to access the registry: skimdb and replicate. That changed when npm shut down skimdb. This was done without notice and we were caught completely off guard. On top of that most of the team was traveling to attend JSConf EU and then some TC39 delegates meetings. It really couldn’t have happened at a worse time for us. :frowning_face:

Some more technical details:
For legacy reasons scoped packages were already being pulled from replicate, But we believe npm made changes to that registry as well, which caused RunKit to not detect when new packages were published. We’re still investigating what exactly caused that issue.

Over the last couple days we’ve been working on migrating our system over to the new replicate registry. That said, it’s not as simple as changing a URL, so we’re having to rewrite some code and run some database migrations. We believe that phase of the task is done, and now we’re attempting to process the backlog of the tens of thousands of packages that we missed.

Since RunKit is not affiliated with npm, we’re at their mercy if they choose to change how things work under the hood.

I really wish I could give you an update as to when things will be back to normal, but I’m afraid processing npm packages can be a little… unpredictable. That said, it looks like @angular/core (one of the packages you mentioned earlier) received an update 18 hours ago and it’s currently live on RunKit, so things are moving along.

Again, I apologize for the troubles. I will update folks as soon as we believe things are back to normal.

- Randy

Edit: Small update here, we’ve still got a backlog of a few hundred thousand packages to process, we estimate it will take about 5 more days to complete. So some packages will start showing up over the next few days. I’ll update this thread when that process is complete.

Edit 2 (Monday June 17th): Quick update. We’re about halfway through the package backlog with about 200,000 more to go.


Our packages started showing up yesterday or so, so this seems to be moving along! The NPM team are also really sorry about what happened and explained it in this thread. Seems to have been done by mistake.

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Hey everyone! We have finally caught up processing the package backlog.

If you run into any other problems, don’t hesitate to let us know.

Again, we apologize for the inconvenience.

- Randy


I somehow missed the notifications here, but this is great news. Thanks for pushing to get it fixed.

@me1000 hi! Please, help update ccxt, it’s showing a version that is 2 years old. The current version is 1.38.75+, the newest version available in RunKit is 1.18.xx. Thank you!

Hi @kroitor, I took a look at ccxt it looks like it contains a postinstall script. RunKit does not currently support packages that contain install scripts.

We’re currently working on ways to support this feature in a secure way, but we cannot provide a timeline for that.

In the meantime, it looks like the postinstall script your package uses is not critical to the functionality of the package. If you remove the postinstall field from your package.json, I believe your package will process successfully.

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