Obsolete package showing


I am the author package ramda-adjunct. On NpmPage I have noticed that I can run my lib in RunkitPage. It seemed cool. But then I released 2 more versions of the library and NpmPage is now on version 0.3.0 and RunkitPage is still on version 0.1.0. I cannot seem to get 0.3.0 in RunkitPage and run in properly. I am missing something, or I am doing something wrong ? I has been more than a week not with RunkigPage stuck on version 0.1.0. Can you advise please how to update the library version on RunkigPage ?


RunkitPage: https://runkit.com/npm/ramda-adjunct
NpmPage; https://www.npmjs.com/package/ramda-adjunct

Hey char0n,

Thanks for letting us know about your issue. We’re having some issues with NPM’s feed, and we’re working on it. We’ll let you know when your version is available.

Thanks for the notice. Looking forward for it ;]

char0n: Your latest version is now available. Sorry for the delay.

Sweet ;]

Doesn’t it mean, that if I release a new version on npm it will apear on runkit.com in no time ?

Correct, new versions should show up automatically on RunKit within a minute of publishing to NPM.

Cool. I can experiment now further ;] Thank you very much and thumbs up for
excellent work on runkit !

Yeah we’re having to re-extract+build 43K packages to deal with an internal hiccup. Down to 31K, I’ll post when it’s ready (again).

Nevermind, I just went in manually and re-upped your package so you don’t have to wait to test 0.3.0. Should be working again.

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Sorry for bothering you again, but I spotted 2 issues today in runkit. ;] Runkit in question: https://runkit.com/npm/ramda-adjunct

1.) ramda peer dependency is showing as require(“ramda/package.json”) (requiring package.json seems quite strange)
2.) README.md is not parsed and is not part of the runkit page (I checked that README.md is in valid markdown)

Can you please advice ?

Thanks for your time

Hi Char0n,

Thanks for bringing the README issue to out attention. We’ll have a fix implemented soon!

As for your peer dependency issue, you’re right it’s a little weird to include the package.json. The reason we do this is because not all NPM packages are actually requirable. We’re working on a more elegant solution though!

  • Randy

Just wanted to follow up. Your README should be showing up now. Please let us know if you run into any more issues.

Thank you for quick solution to the problem. Will inform you if I find more issues. Keep up the great work ! ;]

Seeing the same problem here: https://runkit.com/npm/rita

Can someone help?

Hi there. Again I am stuck with the old version of package. New version is 1.9.0 yet 1.8.1 is still showing.

Package in question: https://npm.runkit.com/ramda-adjunct

Can I ask somebody to regenerate manually ?

Thanks a lot

Hi char0n! I’ve just fixed the issue that was preventing ramda-adjunct@1.9.0 from being available on RunKit. I’m so sorry for the inconvenience, and thanks for reaching out.

Hi @pieter,

Sorry to bother you again. The runkit is showing the older version again for ramda-adjunct.
We are currently at 2.4.0 the the runkit is showing 2.2.0.


Can you advice ?

Thank you

I’m having similar problems

I have the same issue with the fast-fuzzy package, the version on runkit is currently 2 minor versions out of date.

char0n: Your latest version is now available. Sorry for the delay.