How to require newly-published NPM module?

Hey RunKit team - I’m working on a HTML formatter specific to RunKit in order to create custom API result visualizations for my project which uses RunKit embedded notebooks.

So far I have a basic HTML formatter working for playing back an audio binary blob, so I wrapped up that code as a proof of concept and published it to NPM. Of course when requiring that newly published module, it’s not yet loaded in to the RunKit backend. ( for reference)

Thus my question - how often do you cache NPM and how frequently is it updated? Should I have to bump the version number in my published module for updates to be picked up? Any other workflow items? I’ve ‘requested’ the module be loaded by clicking on the provided button when you can’t find a module…

Thanks & please keep the lights on!

Hey there,

We follow NPM’s realtime changes feed ( and so we usually have packages available within seconds of npm publish (currently running about 5s between when we get the change notification and it’s require-able.

Your package wasn’t immediately available due to skimdb downtime. Once it came back up, we had to download the ~400K changes and then reconcile, and that took some computer time. So that explains the delay you saw – it’s uncommon,

I notice watson-api-formatter is available now.

Hi - Thanks for the detailed reply.

I noticed it available later on eventually, but that’s great that changes are picked up quickly, that will help a ton for ongoing work.

Cheers and thanks for the great product,