MRZ parser how to dvide the string code from passport

Hello everyone
I would be very happy to help
I’m trying to understand how I take the string at the bottom of the passport and insert it correctly into the variable return the decoding of the data (name, date of birth, sex, etc.)

this is a code

const parse = require(‘mrz’).parse;

let mrz = [

var result = parse(mrz);

i asjed about let mrz=“…”
i have a string
how to dvide for lines?

thank you!!!

This is a error that i get
“throw new Error(unrecognized document format. First line of input must have 30 (TD1), 36 (TD2 or French National Id), 44 (TD3) or 9 (Swiss Driving License) characters and it has a length of ${lines[0].length});”