Runkit should design a /status page

While Runkit has a twitter to post information about planned updates and outages, it would be nice to see a page dedicated to presenting the state of Runkit through the usage of uptime percentages and incident reports.

Open reports can clarify what to expect if we use the service at that precise moment say if a module becomes unstable or incompatible.

Same for Runkit as a PaaS. As runkit offers more than one service; it too can be monitored and presenting on a /status/ page.

Hey there,

Yeah, we agree. We’d like to provide a better external view of our systems. For example, in addition to providing general uptime stats, we’d also like to make public the queue of npm packages RunKit is processing, provide better external visibility into why a package may not have installed correctly, etc.

So this is on certainly on our roadmap, but we don’t have a clear delivery date.

– Randy