Manual package update

When I publish a new version of a module, I’d like to be able to instantaneously show the new features to the users, through Tonic of course. However, it usually takes a while for Tonic to synchronize its packages with npm, and the wait is a bit annoying. Is there a way to manually tell Tonic to sync a specific package?

Can you tell me how long it is taking for you? It should only be 5 minutes or so, and a manual update would end up taking a similar amount of time. If its taking longer than that, then its something we need to fix.

Last time I tried, it took about 10 minutes (which frankly isn’t terrible), but even after 10 minutes the support is still spotty. By that, I mean that when I use another module which indirectly requires the module I just updated, it doesn’t work; yet requiring the updated module directly works.

Just so I understand, do you mean:

  1. You have an existing notebook that requires said module.
  2. You update the module (and it is reflected)
  3. You then re-run the code in the existing notebook and it has the old package?

If so, this is because Tonic keeps the version of the module that was originally included (essentially shrink-wrap). If you were to create a new notebook, that would use the latest version. We will have UI around this soon, but the easiest way to have it “update” the module now is to delete the reference to the module, run, and then add the reference back in and run.

If this is not what you mean though, could you describe what you are seeing?