I would like to have my package updated in RunKit

Hi there,

I am owning and working on a new lib under the link

The RunKit env has initially pulled in version 1.1.2 from it, which was broken and also broke CI builds. I have managed to release 1.1.6, 1.1.7 & 1.1.8 since then (verified by now by Travis), and flagged all the versions under 1.1.6 deprecated.

My package has a postinstall to run the build in order to verify the installation.

Could you pull in at least the version 1.1.6 so visitors from the NPM page won’t face missing dep error when they open RunKit? Seems I cannot do it on my own.

RunKit page: https://npm.runkit.com/@rpi1337/winston-console-transport-in-worker